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I don’t just teach people how to ride motorcycles.

I teach people how to master their motorcycle.

Master YOUR Motorcycle

Learn how to develop strategies to ride your ADV bike efficiently and effectively with minimal impact to your body.

Formula-Free ADV Training

Most ADV courses teach formulas:   Stand up.   Lean forward uphill.   Lean back downhill.   Weight the outside peg.

When you take a class from Bret, you will not be taught formulas. You will be taught how to adapt your riding to different situations. This allows you to successfully ride through terrain you’ve never seen before, leaving your friends in the dust.


Learn how to ride dual-sport and adventure motorcycles down remote gravel roads, along trails and through the mountains. Build essential skills to travel the your backyard - or the world - by motorcycle.


Join Bret on expeditions abroad. This is not your typical motorcycle tour. Traveling with Bret will feel like you're an engaged member of a group of friends and you can finally cross off a bucket list dream.


Bret is regularly hired to speak at events on various topics to include techniques on reducing motorcycle accidents, the pros and cons of rider training, and motorcycle teaching techniques using adult education strategies.

Learn how to ride a motorcycle