ADV Training Camp

Off-Road Motorcycle Training

Adventure Training Camp

ADV riding is as much a game of intellect as riding skill. My method of teaching riders to ride “nature’s way” is through a process of discovering and understanding cause and effect rather than the traditional formulaic or step-by-step instruction. Formula teaching is fine when you are new, but it lacks the ability to adapt to the requirements of the real world.

Each Adventure Training Camp has a unique feel and evolves and changes each year. Whether you are a beginner or an ADV rider with extensive experience, the same skills are necessary to develop.  The beginner and expert use the same controls and continue to work on the same skills. The difference between the beginner and expert is the depth of understanding, application and the environments those skills are deployed. The ADV training camp offers an environment where you can immerse yourself in learning and, regardless of your experience or background, grow to new heights in your skills and understanding.

Riders all over the world attend my ADV training events.  This is a true testament to the value of the skills and knowledge provided by myself, Paul and Christina.

Bret Tkacs

Bret is uniquely skilled at recognizing the fundamental causes of rider errors. He can watch a rider and accurately diagnose the cause of the problem – whether it’s related to motorcycle setup or suspension, or mental or physical complications with the rider.

He is very systematic and specific with correcting problems, and riders leave with a much greater understanding of how motorcycles function off-road, as well as having significantly-increased confidence and excitement about taking a heavy bike onto remote trails.


Paul Solomonson

Paul is an accomplished and highly skilled motorcyclist in his own right.  He has an in-depth understanding of how the rider and motorcyclist work together – or against each other – and is very skilled at recognizing challenges newer riders present.

A valuable instructor, Paul has the unique ability to explain complex scenarios in a simple, relatable, and often memorable way, leading to much greater understanding and retention.  There is rarely a training session that does not have the dynamic, and often hilarious input of Paul.

Adventure Training Camp Itinerary

Terrain will take place on Class 1 and Class 2 with focused training occurring on Class 3 elements.
Depending on interest and skill level, some riders may be invited to ride Class 4 features with Bret.

I began  teaching ADV Training Camps in 2006, using each class to explore and expand concepts and skills taught.  The basic lessons and skills cross over to each training camp location, however we take advantage of unique terrain in each location to apply practical application of your newly-honed skills. Whether it is deep sand, big hills, mud or slick grass you will come away from this training more skilled and confident than you thought was possible in only a few days.

This training camp offers an extra day of training (additional tuition) with limited enrollment. Ride on local roads/trails with Paul and myself, learning skills that cannot be learned at camp while utilizing the lessons learned in camp. This beginner-level ride takes your off-pavement to put your skills to use, as well as expanding mind if you are an experienced rider, with cognitive lessons on trail reading that help you graduate in to becoming the “proactive” rider. Nothing on a trail should ever surprise you.

Arrival Day

Set up your camping spot and get acquainted with your fellow participants and training staff.  At dusk, meet Bret and Paul around a campfire and get to know your fellow participants.

DAY 1: Essential Skill Development

  • Essentials of seated and standing riding posture and balance
  • Motorcycle ergonomics – set up your motorcycle to your body
  • Low-energy riding techniques
  • Traction management
  • Power control
  • Slow speed balance and maneuvering
  • Lifting (single person & multi person)
  • Off-road braking
  • Various “poser skills”
Adventure Training Camp

DAY 2: Skill Refinement

Depending on available terrain, lessons may include:

  • Riding over and through obstacles
  • Mud riding
  • Narrow track riding and ruts
  • Loose surfaces (deep sand or river rock)
  • Hills (ascending, descending, starting, stopping, turning around)
  • Trail turns
  • Riding through thick brush
  • Slide turns
F800GSA at Adventure Training Camp

DAY 3 (optional): Putting It Together

Join us for the mental development of reading terrain accurately while learning to use the motorcycle and terrain to achieve your riding goal of using less energy, riding with less stress and removing the “surprises” that catch many riders unprepared.  Get a taste of what adventure riding is all about, done correctly with the right skills.

This optional training day is an additional cost.

BMW R1200 GS oilhead and KLR 650 at Adventure Training Camp


Included in your cost: Instruction and personal coaching, snacks (fruit and snack bars), beverages (including coffee), on-site camping for tents and small trailers, dedicated support vehicle for emergencies.

Not included in your cost: Optional training day (must be purchased separately), all meals, gasoline, alcohol, travel or medical insurance,  campsites for large trailers, gratuities or motorcycle.

Deposit: A $250 deposit is required to secure your slot in the camp; off-line payment must be received within two weeks of registration or your spot will be automatically released to someone on the waiting list. The remaining balance for your tuition is due no later than 60 days prior to the start of the training camp. You may choose to move your entire tuition to another camp, training tour or international adventure without penalty if made more than 60 days in advance of the arrival day.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel 61 or more days from your training dates, your deposit and/or tuition will be fully reimbursed minus a $25 fee.  If you cancel between 31 and 60 days from your start date, 50% of your total tuition will be reimbursed.  Within 30 days of the scheduled training, no tuition reimbursement is possible due to overhead costs associated with preparing the training and the difficulty in replacing your spot. We are huge supporters of our military members and offer an exception to this policy for military members that receive deployment orders that conflict with their training dates.  COVID: For international students (including Canada) who are unable to attend due to government border closures may receive a full refund or transfer 30 days prior to the start of class.  If you do not contact Bret prior to the start date of the class, no refund is possible.