Bringing over 23 years experience as a professional riding instructor, my goal is to help riders become masters of their motorcycles. These videos are funded 100% by viewers (using Patreon) and I focus on education first and entertainment second. Whether you are an adventure rider, dirt bike rider or a street rider you need to subscribe to my channel…. seriously, stop reading and subscribe now!

After spending two years spent building the MotoTrek channel on YouTube, I decided it was time to return to making solo videos. I wanted to avoid the heavy editing that sometimes hid my 20+ years (and counting) as a professional motorcycle instructor. My detailed and methodical approach brings to life a wide range of important topics from riding skills to travel and more.

My videos are built by my passion and the donations from dedicated riders like yourself.


Selecting the perfect riding suit for ADV adventure riding is critical. Whether you prefer KLIM, Alpinestars or some other brand, this tutorial will help you select your next suit based on features you might need or want.

Sit back and listen to details and explanations that will truly help you master U-turns on your Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda or any other large motorcycle whether it’s a cruiser, touring bike, sport bike or ADV bike.


These videos are for you! Regardless of your place in the ADV world, whether you are fresh to off-road riding or a grizzled ADV veteran, we only know what we know and don’t know what we don’t know until we know it.  If you’re a new rider, you are likely looking to get started in the right direction and not develop bad habits or techniques.  If you’re a veteran rider, you understand the value of proper techniques and are always looking for even the smallest tip that can improve your riding.  


  • Gain total confidence and control over your motorcycle.
  • Set up your motorcycle perfectly for your use and needs.
  • Understand the psychology that affects your riding performance.
  • Think through common and uncommon challenges.
  • Maximize the fun factor by conquering fear.